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XL Sportster 5" Stretch 3" Drop Seat 180 Wide Tire Hardtail + Sissy Bar Pimp Kit

XL Sportster 5" Stretch 3" Drop Seat 180 Wide Tire Hardtail + Sissy Bar Pimp Kit


Convert your Sportster to a Wild Wide Tire Chopper.  Fabricated in house by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders.  Call 1-515-265-8441 with questions.

Kit Includes:
- 180 wide tire drop seat hardtail (5" Stretch, 3" Drop Seat)PLEASE NOTE: Hardtails are built to order, so we can build whatever width you desire!!!

- Axle Kit including adjuster kit and spacer materials.

- NOTE: 18" x 5.5" spoke rim with 180mm tire mounted & balanced in NOT included at this price point, but is available from BEOSC.

- Flat, trailer-style fender, pre-mounted w/supporting 21" tall sissy bar (hand fabricated from 5/8" round rod).

- Oil tank with BEOSC mounting kit.

- Battery tray with BEOSC mounting kit

- Solo seat, shocks and mounting hardware pre-mounted.

- Chain conversion kit - front offset sprocket, rear sprocket, and cut-to-length chain

- Urethane roller chain tensioner

- Adjustable brake bracket for use with OEM type caliper bracket/brake

- Hardtail shown in picture is for 2004-up (Rubber Mount) Sportsters, but this kit is also readily available for any older XL's, just specify year of bike when ordering.

- PLEASE NOTE:  Seat rail stubs on stock frame in picture are shown for illustrative purposes only to show the level of seat drop vs. stock.  Obviously, these would be cut off and ground smooth for aesthetic reasons during the installations procedure

Note: Only parts shown in first/main picture are included in listing. The other pictures are for illustrative purposes ONLY - item does NOT include the stock frame.

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