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Weld-On Forward Control Mounts Kit-Put Big-Twin & Softail Forwards @ Sportsters!

Weld-On Forward Control Mounts Kit-Put Big-Twin & Softail Forwards @ Sportsters by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders

- These are CNC machined from mild steel. The kit includes triangular re-inforceing gussests (not shown in pictures).

- Typically requires custom or aftermarket exhausts since they are designed to weld on where the front exhaust pipe of a stock Sporty typically runs. Perfect for custom builds and frames where you are probably gonna actually have some out-of-the-box ideas goin anyhow....

- These weld to the downtubes of a Sportster/XL and other similar frames so that you can use forward controls for H-D Big-Twin's and '86-'99 Softails (will NOT fit Twin Cam forward controls), which practically every cool, nice forward control set is made for.

- Bolt patterns and threads sizes are the same as Big-Twins and late-80's thru 90's softails - these are NOT designed to accept "sportster" forward controls. What would be the point of that??? Most forward controls designed to bolt to the front motor mount plates on Sporsters either all have the same generic design or just look like hot, buttered crap, any way.

- Machined from billet blocks of raw mild steel for strength, so if you get them welded on good, you are talking something strong as a battleship!

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