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Vulcan '91-Up Wide Tire XL/Sportster, 1/2" Offset Front Transmission Pulley

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'91-Up Wide Tire XL Sportster Offset Front Dr. Pulley

- Offset secondary driveline on a Sporty without offsetting the motor!!!

- 28 Tooth Pulley/ 1/2" Offset

- A must for offsetting a Sporty driveline to clear wider tires like 160mm.

- Vulcan Pulleys are made from 4140 tool steel, lighter than stock units, and fully machined for a perfect balance.

- The mainshaft spline is concentric to the pulley tooth diameter by less than .001"

- 28 Tooth 1991-UP XL Sportster

- Use OEM nut and lockplate. Torque to factory specs.

- Spline depth is 3/4"

- Top quality USA MADE!!!

$179.99 In stock

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