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USA Made Vulcan 21 Tooth trans sprocket, 1" offset, 200 Tire @ Harley Sportster

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  • 21 Tooth transmission sprocket with an 1" offset.              
  • Fits 91-up 5 speed Harley Sportsters.
  • All of Vulcan offset transmission sprockets are based on the OEM XL sprocket #37709-89 used on 1991-'92 5 speed EVO's.  Spline depth is 1/2".
  • When replacing a belt drive pulley with these sprockets use the #10-24 soc. hd. screw included with the sprocket, as the lock for the sprocket nut. Do not use the belt drive lock plate.

  • When using these sprockets on belt drive transmissions, use Sprocket Nut #4465 - See our eBay store.  eBay item number:  201519732921

  • Made from 4140 Machined Tool Steel

Custom application for chain drive conversion (does NOT fit 4-Speed XL/Sportster)


$106.99 10 available