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S&S oil pump, high volume, high pressure, universal cover type @ FXST 1992-1998

S&S oil pump is a high volume, high pressure, universal cover type oil pump that allows for maximum flexibility on custom installations.
S&S universal cover type, high volume, high pressure oil pump has a number of oil feed & return options allowing maximum flexibility for customized installations. Features a new tooth profile with fewer but larger teeth that provide greater oil volume for both supply and return sides of the pump. The supply gear is 9% wider than stock type oil pumps to give the high volume high pressure pump more oil capacity. Return gears are 28% wider than stock type pumps to insure that the additional volume of oil supplied to the engine is scavenged and returned to the oil tank.
FXST 1992-1998
FLST 1992-1998
FLT 1992-1998
FXD 1992-1998
FXR 1992-1994
UOM: 1 - EA
Country of Origin: USA



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