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S&S 74" Overhead Valve Forged Piston Set .060 Oversize for stroker flywheels

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  • S&S forged .060 oversize piston set for stroker flywheels.
    S&S stroker forged .060 piston set is machined to fit both 4-3/4" & 4-5/8" stroker flywheels. Piston set includes rings, wrist pins and retainers. When used with 4-3/4" stroke, compression will be 8.25:1 with 4-3/4" stroke compression will be 9:1. **Note: Remember that an 80" 3-1/2" standard bore equals 3-7/16" +.060 bore size. **Note:Run Engine at moderate speeds for at least 500 miles, avoiding excessive running in lower gears, in order to properly break-in new pistons and rings.
    FL 1941-1977
    FX 1971-1977
    UOM: 1 - SET
    Country of Origin: USA




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