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S&S 2-1/16" big bore Super G Carburetor Kit, Fits XL 1986-1990 Evolution

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  • S&S 2-1/16" Super G carburetor kit for big bore and racing applications.
  • S&S 2-1/16" Super "G" carburetor kit features adjustable volume pump, enrichment device for ease of starting, and a throttle spool assembly designed for late 2 cable operation.
  • Incudes Teardrop air cleaner, mounting bracket, and black fuel line.
  • Intake manifold clamps or flanges must be purchased separately as needed.
  • Fits:
    XL 1986-1990 Evolution
  • UOM: 1 - KIT
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Online instructions are also available       





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