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SHOCK ABSORBERS FOR TOURING MODELS Fits FL & Touring models 5 speed 1980/Later

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944 ULTRA TOURING: Specifically designed to deliver a comfortable ride at a 1" lowered stance. Built around the latest FST technology, The Ultra Touring shocks utilize all the suspension travel provided by the full length units, but in a 1" lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination not only delivers a lowered ride height while its being ridden, but also while it's on the side stand.

944 ULTRA LOW: Just like the name implies, this is the lowest version of the 944 Series shocks. Designed to sit 2" lower than a stock HD Touring model and provide the best ride a short shock can! Want your bike in the weeds or struggling to reach the ground? The 944 Ultra Low is the shock for the job.
  • Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) allows the shocks to sense the frequency of a bump and automatically adjust damping for superior ride quality
  • Sits 1" lower on most models
  • Adjust spring pre-load by hand, no special tool needed
  • Progressive Rate Main Springs specifically designed for touring
  • Available in standard and heavy duty spring rates
  • Made in the USA

Note: There is no substitute for suspension travel. For optimum ride quality we recommend the taller Ultra Touring version of the 944 Series shocks.
Progressive Suspension
13" 944 Ultra Touring Pair with Heavy Duty Springs
Fits FL & Touring models 5 speed 1980/Later





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