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Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One stop shopping for hardcore chopper builders.

  • 12 volt solid mount state
  • Provides timed self-cancelling. By pushing the turn signal button, the self-cancelling function will operate the signal for 10 seconds and then turn off automatically. Pushing the button again will cancel the timing process. By pushing the other side's turn signal button, the timing process will be cancelled on one side and started on the other side
  • Supports the four way flasher function
  • Equalizes the load without producing excessive heat
  • Allows any wattage combination of turn signal from single low draw LED cluster style bulbs up to high draw 60 watt bulbs
  • Allows for the use of front only or rear only turn signals
  • Does not require the OEM speedometer reed switch
  • 2 1/8" long x 1 3/4" wide x 1/2" tall
  • Includes instructions
Wire Plus
Fits all models with 12 volt turn signals
Note: Can also be used to replace the OEM turn signal module on Big Twin 1989/2000 & Sportster 1991/2003



$99.99 10 available