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Rigid Frame Rear Brake Caliper Bracket @ Stock Style Sportster 2000-'06 Calipers

Rear Brake Caliper Bracket for Rigid XL/Sportster Frames - USE OEM PARTS! Brought to you by Bitter End - Old School Choppers, Inc. - One Stop Shopping for Hardcore Choppin'

- Weld-on installation.

- Use your OEM brake caliper on a rigid Harley-Davidson Sportster/XL hardtail motorcycle application. Calipers from stock bikes from 2000 to 2006 tend to work best, but bracket could be adapted to work with other years that merely require an adjustable ant-torsion mechanism with the proper angle to work with calipers that were originally mounted to rectangular swingarms.

- Slotted for easy brake adjustment.

- Includes hardware / Sold individually.

- Finally! An alternative to spendy brake setups for rigid Sportsters.

$50.00 In stock