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Replica Style Straight Leg Rigid Frame for Big Twin engines w/ 4-speed Trans

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  • Replica style retro rigid frame straight leg style features original type construction including forged parts in neck, side car mounts, and rear axle area.              
  • Retro rigid frame is similar to the original style updated to accept flat side tanks, all BT engines.
  • Frame can be fitted with a Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution or TC-88 engine with 4, 5 or 6 speed transmission.
  • Frame will fit Knucklehead or Flathead engine with use of an additional mount spacer.
  • Shovelhead, Evolution, and Twin Cam engines require the use of a tin inner primary.
  • Frame has a 30° rake, +2" raised neck, and 10.75" between the rigid rear axle plates.
  • Frame is set up for disc brake and uses a 1987-later style rear caliper.
  • Utilizes 1986-89 soft tail tanks.
  • Will accept a 230 rear tire with chain drive or 200 rear tire with belt or chain drive, rigid style rear axle, 3/4" axle plate collars, transmission mount plate, inner primary cover flange spacers, and extended sprocket shaft and nut set, all related parts available separately -  NOT INCLUDED.
  • Will not accept a stock seat post.                
    FL 1948-1965
    FX 1971-1999              

TECHNICAL DATA (suggested addt'l parts - NOT included):

  • When using a chain drive with a 230 tire, the use of #17-0859, a 1" offset plate and a #19-0105 sprocket is required.
    When using a belt or chain drive with a 200 tire, the use of #17-0860, a 3/4" offset plate and a #19-0104 sprocket is required.
    When using a Shovelhead, Evolution, or Twin Cam engine, it is required to use a #42-0617 tin inner primary.
    When using with a TC-88 engine order #51-0625 rear frame mount adapter plate
    In some instances it may be necessary to ream or file holes slightly in order to assemble parts onto the frame.
    Use #31-0475 Front Engine Mount Spacer to accept 1936-1947 Knucklehead or Flathead engines in 1948-up frames.
    When using the #42-0617 tin inner primary, the use of #19-0570 is needed if using a #17-0859 transmission plate 1" offset and a #19-0105 sprocket.
    When using the #42-0617 tin inner primary, the use of #19-0569 is needed if using a #17-0860 transmission plate 3/4" offset and a #19-0104 sprocket.
    Suggested to use with #44-1942 axle.    
  • 51-0526 - Front Engine Mount Frame Brace                           
  • Note: Restricted to truck shipment only for lower 48 U.S. states and Canada

    Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied for the frame. BUT, is NOT sent with the frame.  eMail (we do NOT take MSO requests over the phone for security and accuracy purposes) to request it after taking physical possession of the frame for your security.                        

    PLEASE NOTE: This item will ship UPS Freight.  Therefore, we absolutely must have your phone number in order to ship it because they require it to contact you to arrange delivery.  Please provide your phone number when you purchase.


Note: As with any frame-up custom build project, it is common AND wise shop practice to pre-assemble the entire motorcycle prior to any paint work for compatibility verification of all parts used.



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