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Panhead Cylinder Heads 3-5/8" Big Bore, use w shovelhead cylinders

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  • V-Twin Motor Shop Ready single plug type Panheads are for use with shovel head cylinders only.
  • Comes assembled and are ready to install.
  • Heads are assembled with cast iron guides, valve stem seals, nitrated valves Shovelhead intake and Panhead exhaust, stock style springs and retainers.
  • Features Shovelhead exhaust pipe flange and intake ports accept.
  • Shovelhead o-ring type manifolds.
  • Matched rocker arm assemblies are installed with heat treated studs, nuts and oilers.
  • Panheads feature external oiler for Big Bore applications with up to a .450 lift cam.
  • Order o-ring type intake manifold separately.
  • These heads also accept 3-5/8" big bore Shovelhead cylinders with 98.6mm cylinder flange.
  • Top oiler holes have a 1/8" National Pipe Thread.
  • 1/8" National Pipe Thread pipe plugs are installed.
May require outside oiling plumbing to be installed to complete motor              

FL 1963-1965
UOM: 1 - SET                             



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