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Kraft Tech Adjustable REAR FORKS Fits Big Twin 4 speed chain drive 1973/1983

  • 100% TIG welded for maximum strength and beauty, these steel Rear Forks feature 1/4" thick tabs to mount the chain or belt guard.
  • Unlike the OEM rear fork that uses a square shaped shock mount, these rear forks incorporate a round shaped mount that eliminates any shock interference and sure does look better.
  • Both bearing races and the grease fitting are pre-installed for your convenience. Timken® bearings are included.
  • Can be used with a 10" O.D. brake disc or a 11 1/2" disc and a banana style brake caliper if used with the correct caliper mount found in the wheel section.
  • See the frame and body section for seals, bearing spacers and pivot bolt.
  • See the drive train section for axle adjusters and chain or belt guards.
Kraft Tech
Raw Steel
Features 5 position shock mount adjustment that will either raise the seat 5/8" or lower the seat 1 5/8" from the stock position. The threaded mount holes are reinforced for a secure fit
Fits Big Twin 4 speed chain drive 1973/1983


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