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Frame Jig Neck Holder Fixture 1.0" i.d. Smooth-Bore Cones w/Set Screws

Frame Jig Neck Holder Fixture Cones w/ Set Screws brought to you by Bitter End - Old School Choppers. One stop shopping for hardcore chopper builders.

- 1018 Billet steel construction.

- 2" x 1.67" and smooth-bored for 1" thru-rod. Please note: these are no longer threaded - lock in place with a set screw.

- Work in conjunction with a jig steering neck locating fixture with a 1" rod.

- Hold neck in place square and secure with built-in set screw.

- Sold as a pair.

Note: Picture shows before and after of product. Image on left is raw material and image on the right is the finished product, however, updated product has a smooth bore - NOT threads.

$60.00 3 available

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