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Frame Jig Builder +Billet Steel Chopper Frame Parts Kit

Rapid Start Frame Jig Builders' Kit  + Billet Steel Chopper Frame Parts Kit from Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders.

This kit is the fastest way to get into building your own chopper frames known to man!  Takes the sting out of the learning curve big time!!!

- Build a chopper frame jig in a day instead of week(s)!!!  Just supply the 2"x3" steel tubing and other hardware!
- Jig Builders Kit Includes:

        * Pro Plate 4M w/Jig Relief for precision drivetrain alignment between the motor and the transmission in all directions and levels

        * Steering Neck Holder Fixture for precise steering neck positioning

        * 4 (Four) 1-1/4" Tubing Clamps so that you can clamp your lower frame rails exactly where you want them on your jig

        * 1 Set of 2 Axle Surface Plates so that you can create precise vertical and lateral axle plate or block positioning

        * Comprehensive technical support by guys who fabricate - from scratch - frames, jigs, hardtails, etc. day in and day out all day long

Just the Jig Builders Kit alone is a Savings of $30.00 vs. separately purchasing these components from BEOSC.

NEW!!!  This kit now includes a FREE Chopper Builders Handbook Volume 1: Chassis Work!!!

- Complete CD-ROM guide to building a chopper chassis from the ground up starting from scratch with tubing.  Contains all the knowledge you need to build a rolling chassis from scratch (starting only with raw steel) with your pick of frame and fork style!

- Includes 200 Photos, 80 Diagrams and 30 Plan Sheets

- Contains the following plans and drawings: Frame mount drawings; Girder, Leafer, and Springer fork plans; 7 different frame plans from a 1948 up to a wild 280 customer; Various frame parts plans; Frame Jig plans, Softail frame plans, and build-your-own Tube Bender plans.  Just take the CD to Kinko's and have them all printed.  Why pay $50.00 or more for one set of plans when you can get plans for practically everything only for the cost of this CD and the paper!!!! 

- Also, includes easy-to-understand, well-written articles!!!  Topics include frame fabrication, jigs, tools, mounts, springers, girders, leafers, wheels/tires, tube bending much more!!!

Billet Steel Frame Kit Includes:

- Tapered billet neck w/internal fork-stop tabs + set of hidden axle blocks + motor and tranny mount kits + factory-style forward control mounts (see picture)

- Purchasing this complete kit - the jig kit, the CBH CD-ROM, and the frame part kit - gives you a total savings of $140 over purchasing all these products separately!!!

- With all the parts included here, supply the raw tubing and go from zero to building complete frames in no time flat!!!

-MUST HAVE for aspiring builders.  Literally takes years off of your learning curve!

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