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Daytona Twin Tec TCFI III kit, incl. TCFI III plug in fuel injector controller

  • Twin Tec TCFI III kit includes TCFI III plug in fuel injector controller, WEGO IIID, 2 Bosch LSU 4.2 wide band oxygen sensors, two 18 x 1.5mm weld nuts for exhaust pipes.
    This kit stores data for the last 60 minutes of operation at 10 samples per second. It auto tunes fuel curves for front and rear cylinders. Idle air control, idle RPM, and cold start characteristics are programmable. Offers extended data logging and diagnostics.
    FXST 2001-UP
    FLST 2001-UP
    FXD 2001-UP
    FLT 2001-UP
    UOM: 1 - KIT
    Country of Origin: USA














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