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Chrome 2 into 1 exhaust header set, lake style front & rear, Fits FLT 2007-2015

Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One stop shopping for hardcore chopper builders.

  • Black 2 into 1 exhaust header set includes lake style front and rear header featuring turn out ends is welded with chrome covers.
  • Baffles are installed.
  • *NOTE: Maximize your motorcycles performance and efficiency be complementing your new Wyatt Gatling exhuast system with a fuel turner management system and or EFI remapping.
  • Remapping is suggested to optimize performance while reducing the possibility of damage to your motor or new exhaust system.
  • Fits:
    FLT 2007-2015
  • UOM: 1 - SET             



$379.99 10 available