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Build-Your-Own Frame Jig - Builders Blue Prints, Instructional Video & dxf Files

Build-Your-Own Frame Jig - Builders Blue Prints, Instructional Video & dxf Files is created by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders.

- Complete thumb drive full of information for building a chopper chassis frame jig from the ground up with tubing and other readily available steel and some purchased parts.

- Contains the following:

  • 12 .dxf files (cut path files for CNC machining)
  • 20 + detailed pictures of a finished jig built using this information
  • Detailed blueprints (.pdf's) of the overall frame jig as well as every single sub-component and individual part that makes up the final assembly
  • Our popular 5-part video series that walks thru the entire build
  • A detailed master bill of materials, which includes McMaster-Carr and Bitter End - OSC part numbers for purchased materials and parts

Just take the thumb drive to Kinko's or other office store and have them all printed if you would like. Or, just copy the contents to your computer hard drive for easy and quick reference.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is for a thumb drive (ONLY) full of videos, blue prints and other time-saving information, but it does NOT include any bound and/or printed matter.

- A MUST HAVE for aspiring builders.

*******NOT Mac compatible********Requires a USB port!!

!!!!RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED - since this is for proprietary intellectual property, we will NOT accept returns or give refunds for any reason. Do NOT purchase this item if you would like to just check it out, but aren't sure that you want it!!!!

$60.00 In stock

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