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Bobbed 4.0 Gallon Gas Tank FIts FXD 1991-2005

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  • Gas tank is one piece with a left side petcock location, and has a fuel capacity of 4.0 gallons.
  • Tank has dash cutout, and includes a chrome dash panel.
  • Bolts on with no additional hardware.
  • Requires purchase of complete dash kit.
  • Check the tank for flaws or fit before painting.
  • Do not grind or sand the seams or joints.
  • Clean the inside of the tank.
  • It is suggested to pressure test and use a tank sealer.
  • We suggest using Kreem gas tank combo kit to clean, condition, and seal to help stop leaks and prevent corrosion.
  • Check petcock opening, making sure the petcock can be easily installed.
  • The petcock fitting should be masked or plugged during painting for easy installation of the petcock.
  • Gas tank does not feature a vent nipple for the fuel gauge inside the dash mount area.    
  • Fits:
    FXD 1991-2005
  • UOM: 1 - EA              






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