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Black 12 Volt Alternator Generator Conversion Kit fits Harley FL 1941-1969

  • Black alternator bolts on in place of original 12 volt generator.
  • Black solid state finned regulator, gear, oil deflector kit, gasket and mount screw set are included.
  • *NOTE: On 1941-57 models, generator screw holes must be enlarged to 5/16" for the generator screws supplied.
  • Use helicoil inserts as noted if installer would like the original 1/4-24 type screws. Suggested to use with #16-0920 Thread Repair Kit.
  • *NOTE: The outer cover with the large hex nut houses the rotor magnets, which are encased in a stainless steel shell.
  • This "rotor" turns when the engine is running.
  • Fits:
    FL 1941-1969
  • UOM: 1 - KIT


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