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Billet Steel Straight Frame Steering Neck w/Stop Tabs

Straight Billet Mild Steel Steering Necks from Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders 

-  Will accept races & bearings without separate cups.

- Very heavy-duty design with thick walls throughout. 

- 7 In. overall length (not including internal steering stop tabs), which is standard B-T neck length for 50+ years.  2.5"o.d. x 5/16" thick wall w/approx. 1-7/8"i.d.

- Includes internal fork steering stop tabs for the most common female stop tab found on many aftermarket fork set-ups, which can easily be ground off if not desired.  The female fork stop plate is also available from BEOSC.                      

$60.00 8 available