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Avon Safety Mileage MKII 5.00 X 16" Blackwall Rear Tire,classic height & profile

Brought to you by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders

       This rear tube type blackwall tire features the classic height and profile for all Big Twins and full four ply construction.               

            **WARNING: Newly fitted tires should not be subjected to sudden acceleration, hard cornering, or maximum power or braking for at least 100 dry miles. Loss of control and serious injury or death may be a result in doing so. By waiting till the 100 mile break in the rider will become accustomed to the feel of the new tires or tire combination. You should check and adjust inflation pressure to recommended levels after tires cool for at least 3 hours following run in.               

Color: Black
Location: Rear
Manufacturer: Avon

$229.90 8 available