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Accel Super Coil, Replaces HD# 31609-65A, 4.7 OHM fits 12 volt Points Triggered

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Accel's Super Coils are designed to assure maximum available spark energy, fast coil rise time and produce a 30,000 volt output. The OEM coil produces approximately 20,000 volts making the newly installed Super Coil yield instant power gains. Using the late model OEM configuration for easy bolt on installation, the Super Coils are designed for either electronically or point fired Harley-Davidson® V-Twins as listed. The custom finned cap serves as a voltage dam to prevent arcing and flashover. The two versions of Super Coil both carry a lifetime replacement warranty with state of the art internal components. See the electric section for spark plug wires.
4.7 OHM fits 12 volt Points Triggered Ignitions 1965/1979
Replaces HD# 31609-65A



$116.00 10 available