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8.5" x 18" 60-Spoke Rear Wheel w Avon 250/18 Tire - Complete Kit, Tire Mounted

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- Kit includes: Chrome 18" x 8.5" 60-Spoke Rear Wheel w/Avon Cobra 250/40-18" tire installed on the rim. Ready to put on your scoot and roll!!

- Info on the Avon tire included:

  • Optimum water dispersal
  • Reduced tire noise
  • Increased wear resistance, improved mileage
  • Better resistance to cupping
  • Enhanced stability
  • Maintains shape throughout its life
  • Performance is consistent from start to finish
  • Radial technology provides minimal tire growth at higher speeds, allowing the custom builder to mount the rear fender closer to the tire
  • Tread pattern and carcass work together, delivering superb stability
  • Comfortable riding
  • Resistance to tracking on irregular road surfaces
  • Can be used with bias type front tire
  • Tube/Tubeless Black Sidewall Tire
  • NOTE: tread pattern shown on tire may differ from what you receive. Winner of this item will receive tire with Avon Cobra AV72 tread patter

by Avon Tyres

- Info on Rim included:

  • Drop center steel rims
  • Chrome spokes
  • Includes sealed bearings

60 Spokes
Rear Dual 7/16" - 3/8" Flange

1" Bearing
18 x 8.5 Size
Fits custom applications

Call 1-515-265-8441 with any questions.

$599.00 9 available