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'82-'03 Sportster 180/200 Tire Hardtail Conversion Kit

'82-'03 XL/Sportster 180/200 Tire Complete Hardtail Conversion Kit.  Convert your Sportster to a Wild Mega-Wide Tire XL Chopper. Brought to you by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders. 


- Hardtail - Supports up to 200 Wide Tire.
- Offset Pulley - pick from 0.75" or 1.0" pulley or sprocket. (MUST SPECIFY PULLEY OR SPROCKET WHEN ORDERING!)
- Axle and Fasteners.
- 5.5" wide 60-Spoke Rim in 16" or 18".  (MUST SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING!)
- 180 or 200 Avon Tire to Match Your Rim Size selected (MUST SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING!) .
- Wheel and Tire Mounted & Balanced.
- 5.5"x10" Clamp-On Chrome Barrel Oil Tank.
- Tight Radius Fender.
- Turn that run-of-the-mill Sporty into a wicked chop for a price that
should be illegal!!!

Additional (Extra Charge) Options which are available include:
- Longer 137T belt (necessary for stretched hardtails)
- Rear pulley adaptation for rims with 1" axle size locator ring
- Fender Mounting Service
- Solo Seat, Springs and Hardware
- Battery Tray and Mounting Service
- Complete install service of this entire kit


- The "Before" picture in this item of a plain stock Sportster frame is shown for illustrative purposes ONLY to demonstrate the radical difference the simple addition of the hardtail makes.  This kit DOES NOT include a frame, only a hardtail.

- The picture of the unassembled parts kit includes a longer belt and a fender mount which are NOT included in the base kit price shown on this item.

- The kit pictured is of our 240/250 tire kit.  180/200 kit (this item) is very similar except for main material difference which is the tire and rim width.

$1,613.10 2 available