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6" wide 16 gauge rolled steel BOBBED FLAT REAR FENDER FOR RIGID FRAMES

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- This item is for the 6" wide version. 6" is the width of the common/typical 150mm width Harley-Davidson motorcycle rear tire. Please see our eBay store for many other widths.

- Unfinished heavy-duty fenders are rolled from 16 gauge steel.

- May require trimming and finishing for chain relief

- bobbed (flipped-up) end

Unfinished 6" wide heavy duty rear flat fender is rolled of 16 gauge steel

Fender may require trimming and finishing for chain relief. Pre-fitting the fender prior to painting is absolutely a must.

Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles and aftermarket wheel and tire combinations for H-D type chassis measure out to be +/- 1/2" in diameter of approx. 26". This fender follows the radius of tires in this diameter range very nicely when stood off the tire approximately 1".

Fender measures 41" in circumference

$50.00 5 available