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4-Pack of 3/16" Thick Seat Tube Block Out Gussets - Chopper/Bobber Frame Builds

3/16" Thick Seat Tube Block Out Gussets for Chopper/Bobber Frame Builds/Repairs from Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders 

- 3/16" Thick Raw Mild Steel.

- Top edge is approx. 1-1/16" wide, Bottom edge (has the radiused cut-out) is approx. 4-5/8" wide, the 2 angled edges are approx. 3-7/8" long.  Radius of cut-out is approx. 1-7/8".

- Angle of sides are 26 degrees to match a common seat section angle where it meets the backbone of the frame.

SOLD IN PACKS OF 4 (FOUR)!  This purchase gets you 4 of these!

!PLEASE NOTE: Frame shown in picture 2 is NOT included in this item!  It is merely shown to illustrate one suggested use for this product.  See area above seatpost where the seat section rails meet the backbone.

$14.07 18 available