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1993-'06 Harley 1-Piece Transmission Nut + Locking Ring, NO More Loose Pulleys!!

Brought to you by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders 

- Absolutely MF-in' essential for big wide tire/high torque Chops!!!  We always use these where possible when we change to offset sprockets and pulleys.
- Puts an end to the stripped-mainshaft-nut blues due to the nut skipping past the lock ring because the nut and the locking plate are one single bullet-proof piece

- Don't dare chop without it!!!  

- This nut can be secured in different places by an easy drilling and tapping operation. Nut will work with all belt drive pulleys, H-D or aftermarket.

- Some aftermarket pulleys/sprockets may need a hole drilled and tapped. 

- NOTE: If outer edge of nut is slightly too large to fit inside the target pulley or sprocket, the outer edge can be ground slightly to fit flush inside.               

              Fits the following Harley-Davidson type/style motorcycle models:
XL 1991-UP
FXST 1993-2006
FLST 1993-2006
FLT 1993-2006
FXR 1993-1994
FXD 1993-2005

              UOM: 1 - EA              



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