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1991-'03 240/250 Harley XL Sportster Wide Tire Swingarm Kit w Black Rear Wheel

1991-2003 240/250 XL/Sportster Wide Tire Swingarm Conversion Kits brought to you by Bitter End - Old School Choppers - One-Stop Shopping for Hardcore Chopper Builders. 

Call 1-515-265-8441 with questions.

Kit Includes:

- 240/250 wide tire swingarm kit (Standard length for 1991-2003 XL Sportsters).

- Offset pulley.

- DIY axle spacer tube.

- Axle and fasteners.

- Black 18" x 8.5" 60 spoke rim with black hub with 240 or 250 tire mounted and balanced.  Please specify preference on tire size when ordering to avoid delays. 

NOTE: this version of the kit comes with the black wheel shown in pictures 2 and 3 - NOT the chrome rim shown in the main picture.  Kit comes one and only one rear wheel.

- 1" to 3/4" axle reducer bushings.

- Round-radiused fender.

- This is a great way to convert your Sporty to a wide tire and maintain your rear suspension.

Note: Longer belt shown in picture is extra charge and is not included in this listing at this price. Call number above for inquiries.

NOTE: Pictures 4 and 5 of completed bike are shown only to illustrate a possible rendition of the kit install.  NOTHING besides the kit parts shown in the first and second pictures are included in this kit (belt is extra charge)

$2,399.00 5 available