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1.50" Offset 23T Front Drive Sprocket for XL/Sportsters & RSD Trans H-D Big Twin

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- A must for offsetting a Sporty driveline or clearing wide tires on RSD trans Big Twin style custom builds.

- This sprocket has a 1.50" offset versus a stock sprocket.

- This is a 23 teeth sprocket.

For Harley 5 speed & 6 speed R/S Drive Transmissions.and 5 speed Sportsters.
Will NOT fit stock left side drive transmissions due to lack of room behind the inner primary cover.

1-1/2" is for Right Side Drive Only

When using these sprockets on belt drive transmissions, use Mainshaft Spacer #3518 or Sprocket Nut #4465

These have 5/8" splines - NOT 3/4"

Made from 4140 Machined Tool Steel

****PLEASE NOTE: This is for 1991 and newer/later XL/Sportsters. It will NOT fit any of the pre-1991 (4-speed) Sportsters. We do have 1" offset (Sorry NONE wider) sprockets (not pulleys)for Sportsters from 1952 to 1990 both in the 6 square spline type (1952-'83) and the multi-spline type (1984-'90)********

$125.00 9 available